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"Sketches" (2019)

Sleeping Beauty

"... At the end of the feast, the youngest fairy stepped forward and said,

“The princess shall be the most beautiful woman in the world.”

The second said,

“She shall have a temper as sweet as an angel.”

The third said,

“She shall have a wonderful grace in all she does or says.”

The fourth said,

“She shall sing like a nightingale.”

The fifth said,

“She shall dance like a flower in the wind.”

The sixth said,

“She shall play such music as was never heard on earth.”

Then the old fairy’s turn came. Shaking her head spitefully,

she said,

“When the princess is seventeen years old, she shall prick her finger with a spindle, and-she-shall-die!”

At this all the guests trembled, and many of them began to weep. The king and queen wept loudest of all.

Just then the wise young fairy came from behind the curtain and said: “Do not grieve, O King and Queen.

Your daughter shall not die. I cannot undo what my elder sister has done; the princess shall indeed prick her finger with the spindle, but she shall not die.

She shall fall into sleep that will last a hundred years.

At the end of that time, a king’s son will find her and awaken her."

Immediately all the fairies vanished."

(An exerpt from the tale: "Sleeping Beauty", Grimm Brothers)

Photographic Work 

"Sketches" shows images as short observersions, a photographic prosess to be further explored.

The tale "Sleeping Beauty" is an inspiration to some of the photograps diplayed.

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