"Atelié Cheri" is currently placed at Kristiansand´s cultural center Odderøya, Norway, an island where Marte Valbeland participate in an artist community of various art concepts. Her contemporary artwork involves medium expressions of fine art photography, painting and installations.

For many years she has been teaching in high level practical and theoretical studies, involving subjects

such as; methods of creative processes, interior design, graphical design and fine arts.


fineart & photography 

As an autodidact Fine Art Photographer, Marte Valbeland is constantly investigating the possibilities to expand her artistic expression. Photography as her artistic medium started slowly during the year of 2013 and has today become her dominant choice.

The work originates from a fertile and imaginative thought process, a stream of consciousness, that is clearly evident. Deeper questions in the themes of Universal female forces, Time and Timelessness are central. The female characters in the images are often self portraits.

Installation Works combinates object, light, sound, text and digital picture in an ambient Black Box Room.

An educational experience of Fine Arts (Bath Spa University, England) established Marte Valbelands artistic interest in painting. In the early years her use of «Symbolism» was central, years afterwards she was inspired by realism. Her painted expressions frequently displays a collection of ordinary objects, resting in an empty space. The atmosphere shows an absence just as significant as the presence.

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